Bat Spec 2 + Trailer

Gerhard Breed
+264 81 882 6448

Chromoly space frame chassis; Chev LS2 6.0L V8 Engine; Motec M800 management; Fortin 5 speed Sequential gearbox; Fox suspension with double bypass + Bump stops; Wilwood Brakes (Adjustable front to back); Left and right rear independent handbrake; 15inch beat lock rims with 35inch Cooper tires; Garmin 292 GPS; Motorola communication; Safetrip odo meter for pace notes; Fire extinguisher system (Red handle right from the Gps); Drink system both sides separate; Howe Steering system; 160L Fuel tank covered with Kevlar; Kevlar belly plate; Double axle Trailer with winch; Spare parts and extras List:; 2x helmets with communication; 2x spare wheels; 4x new tyres; Assorted Filters; KENNEDY Clutch spares with flywheel (Recently changed the flywheel, clutch plate, float and Pressure plate); 1x gear cable; 1x Throttle cable; 1x water pump; 2x oil pump (I installed a brand new High Volume MELLING pump). 

R 600 000