23 October 2021


Round 7

Bestdrive Swartberg 200

Natal Off Road Motor Club

NORMC sets & hosts offroad racing events in KZN and has done so since 1983. Our events cover a huge variety of terrain from mud, rocks, forests, cane fields, natural bushvelts, river crossings, and everything nature can throw at you. Not only do competitors get their adrenalin fix, but it is an enjoyable outing for your family and friends. The club has grown in stature since 1983 and has attracted large numbers of competitors – privateers and manufacturer’s teams alike, from many parts of Southern Africa. To keep up with events, pictures, videos, classifieds and more like us on facebook

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2021 Racing Calendar & Venues

Round 1

06 Mar
New Hanover

Round 2

10 Apr

Round 3 & 4

22 May

Round 5

24 Jul

Round 5 & 6

11 Sep

Round 7

23 October

Social Class
Enjoy the adventure

In the past you could only enter an event if you had a full spec racing car. The new social class allows you to race any vehicle on 4 wheels, whether its a bakkie, SUV or home built project car. Our events are compatible for all vehicles. Come join the fun!

What Our Competitors Say

At NORMC, we have a variety of classes, and a variety of competitors. From a complete beginner to some of the best drivers and co-drivers in South Africa. The terrain in KZN offers the best off road driving in the country and you will have a blast of a day, whether you are a beginner or an expert. 

Jarrod Blackman

I entered my first offroad event in a Yamaha Rhino side-by-side. It was not the fastest car but I had a really fun day with my brother as co-driver and parents as pit crew. After one event I was hooked and am now a permanent participant in NORMC events. It is a fun environment for me the driver, as well as fun for my family and friends. You will see me at the next one!

Lance Woolridge

I joined NORMC at the age of 16 and started racing in an entry level feeder class. I won the championship that year and started progressing through the classes in Motorsport, fighting my way to the top. Without the feeding ground of NORMC it would never have been possible. It is passionately run and has a fantastic family environment, whilst keeping a very high level of competition! Thank you NORMC for being a big part of my foundation!

Overall Club Champions 2020

1 gold

DRIVER: Wesley Snyman
NAVIGATOR: Gareth Aiston

2 silver

DRIVER: Trace Price Moor
NAVIGATOR: Shaun Braithwaite

3 copper

DRIVER: Roger Currin

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